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In response to the pressing global challenges related to water, agriculture and ecosystem services, the availability of data and tools to support decision makers in these fields has grown rapidly in recent years. Public agencies, NGOs and researchers therefore need to continuously develop their capacity to make optimal use of these resources. To support our partners in successfully achieving their goals, the FutureWater Academy offers a range of training courses on the latest tools for addressing water-related knowledge gaps. Courses are offered remotely, on location, as well as in hybrid modes, and can be organized from a few days up to several months. 


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Hydrological Models and SPHY 

Hydrological models are crucial tools for unravelling the water balance in a river basin, informing water management decisions, and anticipating on impacts of climate change on spatiotemporal water availability. Spatial Processes in HYdrology (SPHY) is an open-source, spatially distributed model developed by FutureWater.




Water Allocation and Planning

Tools for water allocation and planning allow decision makers to analyze the impact of different strategies on multi-sector water users and environmental flows in a river basin. Models such as the Water Evaluation And Planning (WEAP) framework support development of integrated catchment management plans and prioritization strategies.




Flying Sensors

Our Flying Sensor (FS) applications provide low-cost solutions to farmers and irrigation managers. High-resolution imagery of crop conditions support them to take timely, critical management decisions that have been proven to enhance crop production and water productivity. In addition, we offer FS-based services for monitoring of water-related infrastructure and land degardation, among others. 


Drought Early Warning

To ensure socio-economic and environmental sustainability of semi-arid regions, there is a pressing need for tools to anticipate  droughts and provide information to support effective mitigation measures. The InfoSequia toolbox, developed by FutureWater, provides tailored warnings to a range of stakeholders based on an integration of satellite data and machine learning-based seasonal forecasting.


Geospatial Data Analysis and Remote Sensing

We are experts in a wide range of open-source tools and global data sources derived from satellite data, which provide invaluable opportunities for identification of temporal trends and spatial patterns of water-related and environmental indicators. Training courses are tailored to the specific requirements of the beneficiary.




Climate Risk Assessments

To support climate adaptation measures and investment in (green) infrastructure, it is essential to understand the climate-related risks of a certain area or a particular development project. From defining  informative indicators to the intuitive presentation of results, our collaborations with Asian Development bank and World Bank have resulted in an innovative methodology for climate risk assessment.  


Google Earth Engine

The introduction of Google Earth Engine (GEE) as a cloud platform for accessing and processing satellite data achieved a great leap forward for the uptake of such data by decision makers, NGOs and scientists. Purchase of expensive computing equipment, data or software licenses is no longer required.  We provide hands-on GEE trainings to these target groups, where topics are tailored to their needs.



Real Water Savings (ReWaS)

Water use and the potential for water savings in irrigation are still characterized by many unknowns and misconceptions, caused by improper water accounting. Local improvement of efficiencies does not necessarily lead to benefits at system level. FutureWater developed the ReWaS tool to support effective irrigation management strategies and interventions to achieve real water savings. 


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What is FutureWater?

FutureWater is a research and consulting organization that works throughout the world to combine scientific research with practical solutions for water management. FutureWater works at both global, national and local levels with partners on projects addressing water for food, irrigation, water excess, water shortage, climate change, and river basin management.


FutureWater has offices in Wageningen (The Netherlands) and in Cartagena (Spain).

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