Training Package and Technical Guidance for Water Productivity and Real Water Savings

The overall project objective is to compile an inventory of agricultural field interventions and develop a training package to evaluate Real Water Savings from irrigated fields, to systems and basins. A guidance document is developed for agricultural field interventions by compiling a literature database containing published experiences and results of various interventions. Impacts on water savings and crop yields are summarized in this inventory and translated into the guidance document. The training package includes a user-friendly Real Water Savings evaluation tool, a comprehensive manual, case study applications and a link with the inventory compiled in the guidance document. Training workshops will be conducted, aiming participants from target countries (e.g. Nepal and Vietnam) and aligning with existing FAO work in Asia. Feedback from the training will be used to update and refine the training package. The training package will be set-up so that it can be used independently, including clear examples, questions and answers, and do-it-yourself guidance.